Deregulation of Jamaica's telecommunication industry has created new opportunities for hi-tech international industries to provide cutting-edge services at competitive rates in an efficient, export-oriented environment, with all the benefits of cost effective rates and services.

Modern telephone, data and broadband services keep clients in touch with associates in all major international cities. World class telecommunications infratructure with major broadband carriers and redundancy.

Power Supply
  • The Zone is committed to supply 25 KVA to each office unit. Any requirement above 25 KVA is the user’s responsibility.
  • Voltage is adjusted to provide a secondary supply of 110, 220 and 415 volts.
  • The frequency is 50 hertz

The National Water Commission, which is responsible for supply throughout Jamaica, provides potable water and maintains a complete service of:

  • Filtration
  • Purification
  • Chlorine sterilization