Estate Maintenance

The management company for each Free Zone is responsible for the construction of buildings and overall maintenance of the estate and park, including roads, pavements, external lighting and landscaped areas. On request, its engineers can assist clients in designing internal modifications to their factory or office units. Optionally, management can also carry out internal modifications, but at a recoverable cost to the client. The Free Zone provides 24 hour perimeter security and garbage collection at no additional cost to its clients.


The allocation of factory units is coordinated by the Zone's administration. Before units are allocated, clients are required to submit an application for the reservation of unit(s) and to make a deposit of four months rental in advance. This deposit represents three months of security which is held in escrow during the tenure of the unit's occupancy and one month as the first month of rental payment. On approval of the project, the client is required to enter into a lease agreement with the Free Zone.

Recruitment & Training

The city's many schools, eight (8) tertiary institutions and human resource development agencies assure the investor of a cadre of English-speaking, well qualified, computer-literate graduates with all the skills required for the competitive marketplace.

Client Services

In order to facilitate hassle-free start-up operations, the administration will assist the investor in identifying local professionals in the following areas:

  • Legal, financial and other professional services
  • Work permit applications for non-nationals
  • Utility connection
  • Labour recruitment
Professional Services

The administration, in order to assist in simplifying startup operations and facilitate the long term profitability of its clients, contacts local professionals to facilitate the following:

  • Legal, financial and other professional services
  • Work permit applications for non-nationals
  • Utility connection
  • Labour recruitment
On-Site Customs

Customs Posts are situated on the Zones to facilitate the speedy movement of raw material, capital goods and finished products between the Zones and the transshipment port or air port. They also facilitate the movement of products through the Zones outside of the normal working hours.

The Montego Bay free Zone offers and all inclusive environment for investors and their staff, which includes efficient maintenance services as well as the following:

  • Security Post - The Montego Bay Free Zone is enclosed for the protection of the export business community and a dedicated security service is provided, 24 hours covering the perimeter.

  • Canteen Facilities - The Zone's Administration oversees the operation of canteens and food outlets on the estate, ensuring the provision of adequate meals for workers.

    Business Operations at MBFZ
  • Automated Banking Services
  • Bills Payment Services
  • A Sports club for employees on the Zone